Bad-Breath Treatment Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

At Brighter Smile in Jefferson Park, Chicago, we’ve helped countless patients determine and treat the cause of their bad-breath issues. If you’re looking for effective solutions to issues related to halitosis, call us today!

What’s involved in bad-breath treatment?

The first step in treating bad breath is diagnosing the underlying cause, which could be related to dry mouth, gum disease, nutritional intake, and more. This process usually involves examining a patient’s mouth and may include additional tests like culture samples and chemical analysis of the breath. Treatment is then tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs.

What are the benefits of bad-breath treatment?

In addition to helping to reduce and/or eradicate odor, treatment often improves a patient’s overall oral health and it also helps those who experience low self-esteem caused by bad breath to feel more confident about speaking, smiling, and engaging in social situations.

How do you know if you need bad-breath treatment?

If you or someone you love has noticed that your breath has been particularly fragrant lately, or you’re experiencing an ongoing “bad” taste in your mouth, it may be time to undergo an examination by our expert team.

What treatments manage bad breath?

In addition to mouth rinses and toothpastes that can help reduce bacteria buildup that causes plaque, if you have gum disease, you may need to undergo a deep cleaning that removes odor-causing bacteria from gum pockets. We may also discuss oral hygiene habits with you, encouraging you to floss and brush after you eat (your teeth and tongue), and to clean any dentures or dental appliances effectively.

You may also be advised to adjust your diet if the foods you eat are the source of your bad breath, and to ensure that you’re drinking enough as dry mouth can cause odor issues.

If you’re experiencing bad breath, don’t hesitate to contact Brighter Smile today. Our experienced staff can help you determine the best possible treatment plan for your needs and help you on your path to fresh breath and a brighter smile!


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