Botox Has Amazing Dental Applications To Help You Smile More!

When we hear the word Botox®, often the first thing that comes to mind is a wrinkle-free forehead. However, did you know Botox can do much more than give you that youthful glow? 

Though most commonly known for its cosmetic applications, Botox also has many esthetic and functional dental applications. 

But first, what is Botox exactly? 

Botox is a safe, minimally invasive, and clinically approved bacterium that, when injected, relaxes the muscles. This relaxation is most often used by plastic surgeons to reduce the look of facial wrinkles and help people fight the signs of ageing. 

However, though everyone wants their skin to glow like they've hopped in the fountain of youth, for dentists, dental Botox can also do wonders for pain relief, helping you feel your best. 

How can Botox help you feel better?

  • Teeth grinding and clenching: Pain in your neck, jaw, or face? Botox can release the facial muscles that cause your teeth to grind as you sleep. With Botox, you can enhance your life, improve the quality of your sleep, and stop painful grinding (and potentially preserve your partner's sanity if your grinding is keeping them awake at night!). 

  • TMJ disorders: Botox has also been shown to alleviate some pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). 

  • Chronic Migraines or Headaches: Botox injections may also help reduce headaches by relaxing muscles and blocking the sensory nerves sending pain signals to the brain. 

Aside from improving functionality, dental Botox can also help give you an elevated look! 

Do you have a gummy smile, a high lip line or fine lines around the mouth? Give us a call! We can talk through any functional or esthetic concerns you may have, and together, we can determine if dental Botox is the right option for you. 

We all want a smile that looks and feels great, allowing you to enjoy life uninhibited by pain or self-consciousness. With Botox, we can help you have the best of both worlds.