Crown & Bridge – One Of Our Most Transformative Smile-Restoration Treatments

Do you have missing or damaged teeth? If so, you’re at risk for a variety of problems. Damaged teeth can crack, decay, or become infected. You want to make sure you see a dentist right away to address the problem before the issue becomes serious.

Missing teeth are a serious concern as well. The gaps are a breeding ground for bacteria and you can develop gum infections. Food can become trapped in the space and may be hard to clean. When you don’t have teeth, your bite shifts to compensate, which can cause problems with TMJ or headaches. Finally, your other teeth will shift toward the gap, causing problems throughout your mouth.

The best way to handle these issues is to get your teeth repaired or replaced. That’s where crowns and bridges come in. A crown helps to cap or repair a damaged tooth so that you can continue using it normally. Your tooth will be shaped and a crown will be permanently attached.

If you’re missing a tooth, a bridge can give you a permanent replacement. This is especially helpful if you’re missing more than one tooth. A bridge is attached to existing teeth or implants on either side of the loss area. Replacement teeth are attached to the bridge, filling in where your original teeth were.

There are a variety of materials available for both crowns and bridges. The dental professionals at Brighter Smile can help you decide on the best option for you. Different materials will have different appearances, costs, and strengths.

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth for good? When you do, you’ll not only look better and regain confidence, you’ll be improving your overall health as well. Let us help you decide what works best. Simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!