CEREC Crowns – Same-Day Restorations With Amazing Results

A damaged tooth is a big problem. Left untreated, you’ll have more than an unattractive smile. You can have deep cracks, cavities, and infections that threaten your oral health. Getting quick professional dental treatment is essential.

A crown is a great way to protect a damaged or decayed tooth from further damage. However, with some practices, the process to get a crown can often take several weeks. Who has the time? When you come to Brighter Smile, our CEREC same-day restorations makes the process so much faster.

Normally, you would have an appointment where your tooth is cleaned and shaped. A casting is taken and sent to a lab, and you have a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being fabricated. A temporary crown may come loose, and there are limitations on what you can eat and how you care for it.

With CEREC same-day restorations, your shaping and permanent crown all happen on the same day. If you’re busy and want your best smile now, this treatment can be exactly what you’re looking for.

When you have a same-day restoration, you regain function chewing and talking function right away. You don’t have any restrictions on eating, talking, or care. Instead, you immediately get the full confidence of your smile.

A loose temporary crown can cause injury to your teeth and mouth. With a same-day procedure, there’s no concern of anything coming off. You’ll have an immediate great fit from your ceramic crown and complete comfort in how you use your teeth. Plus a beautiful, realistic, undetectable restoration.

If you’re interested in CEREC same-day restorations for your smile, we’d love to help. We can set up a no-obligation consultation to review your needs and let you know what we can do. A same-day restoration can get you out the door with confidence, a protected tooth, and full function right away.

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