Nitrous Oxide Helps You Get The Care You Need & Want!

Nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas”, is a common mild sedative used by dentists at dental appointments. Why would you need laughing gas?

Sometimes patients have debilitating anxiety about going to the dentist. Nitrous oxide can help put them at ease. Other people have a strong gag reflex and can’t have a successful dental visit without nitrous oxide to help them relax. Sometimes young children need it to sit still during a longer dental procedure.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective way to manage pain and anxiety during a dental visit. The odorless, colorless gas is administered through a mask fitted over your nose. Despite the name, you don’t always laugh when you have nitrous oxide treatment. You will feel less inhibited and more relaxed, though.

When you’re relaxed with laughing gas, you are still awake and alert. You can answer questions from the dentist or hygienist, and you can hear and respond to instructions. Once the procedure is over, the effects of nitrous oxide are quickly reversed by allowing you to breathe pure oxygen through the same mask.

Your dentist will give you advice about whether it’s safe for you to drive home after a procedure that uses nitrous oxide.

Some of the most common reasons dental patients use nitrous oxide include:

  • Special health care needs
  • Gag reflexes that interfere with dental care
  • Younger patients with lengthy dental procedures
  • Not responding adequately to local anesthetic
  • Being fearful or anxious about dental procedures

Nitrous oxide is a useful way to ease anxiety, reduce pain, and make dental procedures easier on everyone. If you’re interested in this type of dental treatment, let us help! Simply contact Brighter Smile for a free consultation. We can answer your questions and set up an appointment for treatment. Get the care you need without the fear!