An Easy Oral Cancer Preventative Check Could Save Your Life

No one wants to be diagnosed with cancer, but unfortunately it happens to thousands of Canadians a year. The good news is that if cancer is caught early, it’s much more treatable and the prognosis may be significantly better.

Oral cancer screening by the professionals at Brighter Smile can keep you up-to-date on your oral health at a deeper level than a traditional dental screening. A dentist will look for evidence of cancerous or precancerous tissue so that treatment can begin quickly if there is evidence of a concern.

What risk factors indicate you should get an oral cancer preventative check?

  • Tobacco use
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • An HPV diagnosis
  • A history of significant sun exposure
  • Being over 55
  • A previous diagnosis of oral cancer

What does an oral cancer check involve? You’ll start by removing any dentures or other dental devices. Your dentist will inspect your mouth for anything unusual, including patches of color, swelling, bumps, or other concerns. A screening also involves checking your jaw, neck, lips, cheeks, face, and inside your mouth and nose.

Sometimes special tools are used, including a fluorescent light, a brush to collect cells for testing, or a mouth rinse that makes tissues easier to see. A screening takes less than five minutes, so don’t worry that you’ll be in the chair a long time.

Dentists don’t diagnose cancer, but the preventative check can help identify if there are concerns that need further testing. Our goal is to keep you healthy and catch any problems as early as possible.

If you’d like to schedule an oral cancer preventative check, we’re here to serve you. We can talk to you about your risk factors and what lifestyle changes can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Contact us to make an appointment today!